Inspecting during COVID-19

(Updated 05/07/2021)


Mountain Valley Inspections decided to take the jab for the health of our community! We have been fully vaccinated and are beginning to resume our normal operations (with caution of course).

  • Mountain Valley Inspections will allow two to three people on site with us starting May 2021. Please refrain from bringing the whole family. (It is also distracting for us during the inspection).  

  • ASTM PCAs have resumed. We continue to ask to limit how many parties are on site or perform during off hours.  Ideally, the business should be closed during the assessment. PCAs are conducted as a team and follow different protocol.

  • Multi-unit home inspections have resumed. We ask that tenants vacate during the inspection of their unit.


  • We are conducting our inspections with PPE to limit contamination. These include masks, gloves, booties, and decontamination. We may remove our masks while conducting inspections outside. This is at the discretion of the inspector. 

  • All paperwork and billing are done digitally. Please refrain from paying in cash or paper check. We have already had this process in place before COVID, so our process is user friendly and efficient. We will email you a digital invoice. Reports are also digital.

We are looking forward to seeing our clients again face to face! Thank you for your continued support through the pandemic. We continue to monitor the ongoing news about COVID. As always, we might have to change our approach as changes may arise. However, we're optimistic about having a great summer with you all. Thank you!