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MVI is your home ally.

Mountain Valley Inspections offers home inspections for all stages of the homeowner's journey. Whether you're buying a home, selling a home, or looking for help with home maintenance - MVI is your ally.


Book your appointment online! Quote sent before confirming.

Are you looking to purchase a home?

Home inspections are an important part of your real estate transaction. You've come to the right place! Our NYS licensed and insured inspectors perform thorough and extensive inspections on homes of all ages, sizes, and design.


Years of Experience and Expertise

Pulling from years of inspection and building experience, we evaluate homes as a cohesive system, carefully assessing each major component of the house. We spend extensive time on-site with each client.

Robust Reports

Our assessments are then compiled into elaborate and detailed reports that go above and beyond the call of duty. Our reports are detailed, easy to understand, and robust. Often 45+ pages, our reports include narrative, photos, technical illustrations, links to resources like repair costs and more. Have questions after reading the report? No problem! We're happy to review your report with you and chat about your concerns. Not sure if you're ready to put an offer in? Ask us about doing a pre-offer walk-through consultation! 

NYS Inspections are visual inspections that evaluate the major components of the home such as:

Roof and attic, foundation, basements, grounds, the exterior of the home, interior, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. Check out our FAQ page to learn more.


Available 7 Days a Week

Are you selling your home?

Inspections aren't just for the buyer! Prepare your home for listing with a thorough and detailed home inspection. Our inspectors will point out issues from major concerns through improvement items. Don't let findings from a home inspection catch you off-guard and slow down your sale. Get a jump-start on repairs and negotiations. 

A seller's inspection includes the same report at the buyer's inspection listed above. Not looking for something as robust? Reach out to us and let us know your needs. We may be able to modify the inspection to suit your needs.

Are you renting your home?

Now offering landlord inspections! Before you rent, get your home inspected with a thorough inspection before you sign the lease. An unbiased, third-party report will document the condition of the home before renters move in. Landlords and tenants can both sign off on the report and have fair documentation that protects both parties come move out time. 

Long-term rental? Get your home on a maintenance inspection schedule to have your home inspected bi-annually or annually and keep up on home repairs and home condition.



Bi-Annual, & Annual

Let our experienced and eagle-eye inspectors help you with your honey-do list! Your home is a big investment. We'll let you know if we see problems with big-ticket items like your roof, water erosion near your basement, signs of critter damage, etc. that could cost you in the future. Armed with a digital report and consultation from one of our inspectors, you'll be ready to tackle home projects. 

Choose the package that suits you best... 

Are you a weekender?

Consider the seasonal package! We'll come out four times a year to help identify issues that arise from different seasons (ice dams in the winter, clogged gutters in the fall, damage from roofs from summer storms, spring rain erosion...) 


Consider a bi-annual maintenance package! Our inspectors will come out to your home twice a year to evaluate your home. We'll inspect the home to help make a list of repairs while you're up north. When you head south, we'll drop by and check-in during the season to let you know if there are any immediate issues  (broken pipes, roof damage, etc.) Set up a custom schedule if you'd like us there more often!

Full-time resident?

Consider an annual inspection! Our inspectors are trained to go through homes like a system. Our years of experience help us to spot issues that most untrained eyes don't see. Get an annual report to keep abreast of your home's condition and fix issues before they become a big deal.

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