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Mountain Valley Inspections is NYS licensed and fully insured with almost a decade of inspections and twenty-five years of building experience.

We don't just pull from our years as inspectors but also years as builders. Principal inspector, Sal Marano, has built and inspected hundreds of homes around the region. When we look at a house or commercial building, we see it as a system, understanding how each component may effect the next. Although we're proud of our expertise, we're even more proud of  our capability to get our clients the information they deserve. 

We achieve this through our exemplary customer service. What truly defines Mountain Valley is that we go above and beyond for our clients. 


We take our time on site, making sure to be thorough and accurate. We want clients on site. We will answer any questions on site and thereafter.


We understand that our clients need their reports quickly and we work tirelessly to do just that. We don't sacrifice quality to do so though. After every inspection, we review our photos and notes all over again as part of our rigorous quality control.


Our reports are easy to understand but detailed and thorough. Photographs will document important aspects of the inspection. Our reports are compiled in digital interactive format and chalk full of great information to help our clients get the most out of their reports. Just because an inspection has concluded doesn't mean our relationship ends there. We take calls and emails even months after. Many of our clients give us a ring multiple times through the year seeking advice!

Our clients are our biggest asset. We take what we do seriously and uphold the strictest of guidelines and integrity. Our clients deserve a home ally. With Mountain Valley, rest assured that's what you have.

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