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Hudson Valley Commercial Inspections



MVI is your investment ally.

We approach commercial inspections from an investment perspective. Commercial properties come with their own needs of assessment. We follow ASTM PCA standards for commercial property condition assessments.


Our commercial inspection team consists of licensed inspectors and trade professionals. 


(ASTM Property Condition Assessments (PCA))

Call or email for availability. Lead time required.

Multi-unit residences to storefronts, office buildings, restaurants, and more...

Commercial buildings range from multi-unit apartment buildings (over four-units) to buildings used for commercial applications such as a bakery, office building, salon, etc. Whether your building is 1000 sq. feet to 10,000+ sq. feet, our team approaches your inspection from an investor prospective. We look for major concerns in components like commercial-grade electrical service, commercial roofs, commercial HVAC systems, structural issues, etc. 


A-Team of Professionals

Our commercial team consists of NYS licensed inspectors, licensed electricians, plumbers, roofers, HVAC professionals, and more. For commercial inspections, our tradesmen may provide estimates for repairs along with reports of the property's condition. 

*Repair costs not available for residential inspections (less than four-units). Commercial inspection needs can vary. Let's chat to find the right approach for your inspection needs.

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