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Standalone testing unavailable at this time. Septic dye testing available only with inspections.

What's a septic dye test?

Septic dye testing is a non-invasive way to test the integrity of the septic system. We flush the system by running the water from a potable source for 30+ minutes before introducing a fluorescent dye to the system. We check the field for signs of dye which could indicate septic failure. This test is often required by lenders and the HUD. Check with your underwriter. 

Does this test include scoping or pumping the septic?

Septic dye is non-invasive. Since most of our clients don't yet own the property, this provides a first step in evaluating the integrity without disturbing the property. Home inspectors aren't allowed and should not be doing scope and pumping services. Scope and pumping should be done by qualified septic and plumbing professionals only to avoid serious health, environmental, and property damage. We have a list of professionals that provide these services and can help you connect with one.

Internachi septic inspector
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