Inspecting during COVID-19

(Updated 08/01/2020)


Although our region is currently in Phase-4, New York State has implemented extensive travel restrictions and requirements for businesses to operate at the safety of our communities, clients, and inspectors. While some inspectors may be allowing their clients to walk on site with them, we believe that remote inspections are still the safest and ideal way to conduct an inspection during a pandemic when the national averages remain unprecedented. We are a science-based and analytically inclined company and adjust our internal policies to provide the safest and highest quality for our clients and neighbors. We ask that you please respect these policies and our inspectors so that we can continue to provide the quality you've come to expect from the Mountain Valley name. 

In Phase 4, we will continue to provide remote inspections with contingencies in the following way:

  • Mountain Valley Inspections performs several inspections a week in both occupied and unoccupied homes. We feel it is in the best interest of our inspectors, homeowners, and clients safety to limit the inspector to the only one on site in order to decrease the chances of cross-contamination. Due to recent travel restrictions and new laws put forward by the State of New York, we must require that the inspector be the only one on site. This policy is now strictly enforced. Rest assured, We have been performing remote-style inspections for almost a decade and are well equipped to provide clients with virtual consultations and digital reports without having clients risk their health to be on site. 

  • ASTM PCAs are being conducted on a case by case basis.  Ideally, the business should be closed during the assessment. PCAs are conducted as a team and should be limited to just our party on-site during the assessment.

  • Multi-unit homes must be unoccupied. Sorry, no exceptions.


  • We are conducting our inspections with PPE to limit contamination. These include masks, gloves, booties, and decontamination. We may wear INDUSTRIAL N-95 MASKS as we need to protect ourselves from not only COVID-19 but industrial hazards. These are not the same as medical N-95 and are not meant for sterile environments like hospitals. If homes are occupied, we may wear additional protection such as face shields or additional screens inside of the N-95. 

  • All paperwork and billing are done digitally. We have already had this process in place before COVID, so our process is user friendly and efficient. Our inspection reports are sent as interactive PDFs. We take a lot of photos and (sometimes video) on-site.  If you have any questions about the report or want to chat with the inspector, we can set up a call to go over your report with you. 

We look forward to seeing you all as we continue to work through the phases of opening. We may allow a client to join us on-site in future phases if the regulations allow for it and COVID case numbers decrease to the level that we find it safe to do so. We thank you for your continued support in the last few months. It has been a trying time for us all and all of our clients have been amazing to work for in the last few months. Thank you!

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